Beyond my legal work, I serve as an interfaith minister with the Oklahoma Objector Community, a religious humanist congregation, which enables to engage in a lot of peace and social justice activism.

Speaking of religion, I identify as a Jewish Humanist. My Judaism comes by way of my conversion/adoption through the Society for Humanistic Judaism and my current active membership at Temple B’nai Israel (a ReformĀ  congregation), while my humanism is a value that has blossomed in middle age, in that I now believe that religion only makes sense when it is tempered by human wisdom and solidarity.

But despite my religious conversions, I still maintain close ties and connections to Joy Mennonite Church (where I served in ministry for more than a decade) and in the faith communities I was part of as a youth and young adult. — I say all this, to say that my own personal spiritual journey has made me feel very comfortable with engaging with clients from diverse religious backgrounds.

My immediate family has three humans (me, my wife and a teenage son), but we also have two canine family members: a wire-haired doxie and a one-eyed pug.

I have a lot of hobbies, my favorites being ham radio and shortwave radio listening (call sign is KG5JST), bicycling, stamp collecting, designing lo-fi websites, golf, lego building, reading, writing, genealogy, photography, painting and music (I play harmonica and trumpet and am trying to learn the ukulele and the mountain dulcimer).

I also write a blog (published in various forms since 1999).