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 -My Wife

 -My Son

 -Our Dogs

 -Extended Family

 -Family History

My Wife

My wife is a medical doctor in family practice.


She is also a writer. She has been published on and writes the blog Our Last Homely House.

And like me, she loves good books. Some of her favorite authors include J.K. Rowling, Jane Austin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lucy Maud Montgomery, James Harriet,




My Son

My son Ty is a brilliant and quirky 7 year old. He has many passions including reading, pug dogs, Legos (especially Chima and Ninjago), Angry Birds, Wild Krats, and Curious George.


He is also a really good photographer and writer (with help from his mamma).

Ty is blessed with a large extended family (my side, mamma's side and his birthdad's side).


Our Dogs

We currently have two dogs living with us.

Gitli is a wirehaired doxie that I rescued from the Oklahoma City Animal shelter before Becky and I got married. He is a sweet dog but occasionally get grumpy when either Ty or Otis gets on his nerves. He loves to run and catch rats (yes, he has caught 4 rats to date in the back yard).

Otis is a one-eyed pug. Very playful and still very much a puppy even though he is more than a year old. He is also very loving and very devoted to this boy.

We also have Maxwell (a very loyal chihuahua) in our family, but he is living with my in-laws these days. He enjoys being the only dog around and of course loves being spoiled rotten by my in-laws.


Extended Family

I have five brothers and sisters!

  • John - is a local attorney here in Oklahoma City and the father of three kids
  • Dan is a an attorney in Texas as is the father of two kids
  • Ben is a student at Newcastle Middle School and is a talented artist
  • Dave is a student at Newcastle Middle School as is a talented dancer
  • Laurie is a student at Newcastle Elementary School

My father is also an attorney (he practices bankruptcy law in Newcastle) and my mom is a school teacher at South Moore High School.

I have lots of awesome aunts, uncles and cousins and a few honorary relatives who I count as kin even if we aren't officially kin by blood, marriage or adoption.


Family History

I will be sharing some about our family history down the road.


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