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Letters and packages can be sent to me at: James M. Branum, PO Box 721016, Oklahoma City, OK 73172, USA.    BACK


You can call or text me at 405-494-0562.    BACK


Faxes can be sent to me at 1-866-757-8785.    BACK


For most purposes you can send me email at jmb_(at)_jmbzine_(dot)_com.

Clients and others seeking to have secure communication (at least as secure as possible given the current security state we are living with) with me are welcome to email me via PGP-encryption on my alternate email address of jmb_(at)_jmb(dot)mx. Please note that I do not regularly check this email often so please let me know by text that I can expect an email from you on my secure email account.

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