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My interests...

 -Stamp Collecting



 -Organic Gardening


 -Food and Drink



 -General Nerdiness

 -Native American Culture

 -Interfaith Exploration

I have many avocational interests (which some might call hobbies, others might call obsessive interests)...

Stamp Collecting

I am a world-wide collector, focusing mostly on low-cost used stamps (I love knowing that a stamp was actually used to carry mail in some exotic locale). Countries where I have the most stamps include: USA, Canada, Cuba, USSR/Russia, Germany, UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

I am a proud member of the American Philatelic Society and the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. BACK


I take lots and lots of pictures, mostly of interesting things I see in Oklahoma and on my travels. I also take lots of pictures of my family, church, and the local activist community.BACK


Read my blog: (written since 1999) BACK

Organic Gardening

Mostly I grow tomatoes, chile peppers, herbs and wildflowers (especially Texas bluebonnets).



Favorite authors include... (coming soon) BACK

Food and Drink

I am a reviewer at I have reviewed more than 300 beers to date. My favorite styles are dunkel heffeweizens, stouts, porters, and heffeweizens but I really enjoy most styles at least a little bit.

As for wine, I lately have been enjoying old vine California red zinfandels. I also have a warm spot for the many good Oklahoma wines, especially those of the Woods and Waters Winery near Anadarko.

I also love hole-in-the wall restaurants in both small towns and in out-of-the-spotlight urban neighborhoods. In the future I will be writing some reviews of these establishments at

And finally I enjoy to cook. Favorite cuisines to cook are Barbeque, Cajun/creole, Soul food, Tex-mex and Mexican. I have also experimented with sushi making.BACK


I enjoy traveling, mostly via Amtrak. I plan to create a page in the future with some of my travel tips.BACK

General nerdiness

I am an active wikipedia editor.BACK

Native American Culture

I have some Tsalagi (Cherokee) and Tuscarora ancestry, so I try to learn as much about my ancestors as I can and to engage with the culture of my peoples.BACK

Interfaith Exploration

My family and I celebrate most of the Jewish holidays. I also love to learn and celebrate other religious traditions, especially Taoism and Zen Buddhism. I think God is too big to fit in any one religion.BACK

Unless otherwise noted all materials on this website are (2) 2014 James M. Branum.