Cuba Travel


I believe in the power of travel, when done in an ethical manner, to help dissolve the chains of intolerance and prejudice; but travel to Cuba has been made difficult by the USA’s failed cold war sanctions policy.

James M. Branum in Havana, Cuba
walking on the Malecon, Havana, Cuba

Of course some of these sanctions were eased under President Obama, making it less difficult for ordinary people in the United States to see Cuba for themselves. I was fortunate enough to go myself to Cuba in 2016 and again in 2019, independently and legally, an experience which changed my life and convinced me of why travel is essential to promote world peace.

President Trump has rolled backĀ  back some of the provisions of the Obama thaw (a foolish policy that President Biden is still maintaining as of August 2021), but the good news is that current US regulations still provide many options for many US citizens and permanent residents to legally travel to Cuba.

Legal Services for Oklahomans traveling to Cuba:

I am proud to provide up to two hours of pro bono (free) legal time for any person in Oklahoma is considering a trip to Cuba. In this session, we would discuss confidentially together your travel plans, so that you can make any needed changes to your plans to comply with current US regulations for Cuba travel. I will give you guidelines on what records one should keep after a Cuba trip, to be prepared for any inquires/audits that travelers may receive in the future from OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) of the US Department of the Treasury.

For more complicated situations (i.e. a situation that requires applying for a “specific” OFAC license, responding to a subpoena from OFAC after travel, contesting civil penalties by OFAC, business dealings with Cuban companies or other entities, etc.), I will likely recommend a referral to another attorney if appropriate.

If at possible, it is best to meet with me prior to your planned trip to Cuba, so please contact me early on in your travel planning process. Call or text me at 405-494-0562 to schedule your time to meet with me.