Comparing Health in Cuba & The USA / Comparación de salud
		en Cuba y los EE. UU.

This website was designed to be a bilingual resource for comparing and contrasting the Cuban and US models of health, particulaly from a public health perspective. My hope is that this website will help the people of both countries to learn from the systems of their neighboring country and to hopefully be inspired to engage in activism to help end the US embargo against Cuba.

I have long known that most people in the USA are ignorant of the superior health outcomes experienced by the Cuban people (at a much lower cost per capita) compared to what is experienced by patients in the United States, but I discovered when I visited Cuba in 2016 that many Cuban young adults are just as ignorant of the US system, not realizing that the depiction of healthcare in US-originated mass media is inaccuate and doesn't show the full picture of how little healthcare resources are available to working class people in the USA. (I know this painfully well thanks to the accounts of my wife, a family practice physician) This website is designed to be a starting point in helping to dispell these misunderstandings.

This website was created by James M. Branum, a member of the Oklahoma-Cuba Friendship Committee as an act of solidarity and friendship with the Cuban people, but was also created for a project for a class in website design and development at OCCC.

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